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Tag and match new clients against your library of tasks to automatically create collaborative task boards which perfectly match your clients' onboarding needs.

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What's included?

Automatically create a dedicated board per client simply by adding labels. Invite internal and external users to ensure complete transparency for everybody involved - no more vital information trapped in email!

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Set due dates, add comments, upload files and more - all audited for your review. Save time and deliver the true value of your business to your clients sooner.

Get an immediate overview of all of your onboarding progress with a comprehensive dashboard. Identify areas for improvement, problematic onboardings and tasks which are stuck in the to do list!

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What are the benefits?

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    Communicate with colleagues and clients in one place to keep your onboarding on track

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    Work together in real time, to reduce your average onboarding time

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    No more jumping through hoops, templates replicate what works every time

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  • 10 active onboardings
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  • 25 active onboardings
  • 15 admin users
  • Unlimited client logins

£35 per month.

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